Wood Wind Golf Club offers popular golf leagues for men, women, and seniors. Participants enjoy recreation at weekly golf outings with the friendly competition through Wood Wind’s Golf Leagues.

Join one of the Wood Wind golf leagues and enjoy playing on a well-maintained, quality golf course, with other local golfers, while improving your golf game, making new friends, and enjoying outdoor recreation throughout the league season.

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Men’s Club Website


2020 Men’s Club Dates, Tournaments and Saturday Schedule


The Men’s Club at Wood Wind plays includes 3 different 9-Hole Leagues (One Monday & Two Wednesday, each Shotgun Starts @ 6:00 p.m.) and a combined Saturday tournament schedule.


The Monday League will consist of 20 Teams of 2-5 players, and Wednesday Nights will have two leagues of 20 teams each (American & National Leagues). Two players from each team participate in the match each week. Teammates not participating in the official match are welcome to participate in the weekly games and sub for other teams. Two points are available per hole…18 points per match.


Individuals may join the men’s club. With your $75.00 entry, you may play as a substitute, participate as an extra in the weekly games, and play in the weekend tournaments.


The Monday league will start April 13th and the Wednesday league will begin April 15th. Both nights will have a 6:00 pm shotgun start. The league will conclude in mid-September with the final playoff matches and banquet. Starting time will be adjusted for sunset during the playoffs.


$300/Team. Men’s club fees are used to pay for two banquet dinners, regular season and playoff payouts, increase the prize pool for weekly games, and men’s club tournaments. All men’s club fees must be paid in full by April 13th. THE MONDAY LEAGUE IS FULL.


If you need one sub for the week, your sub will be docked strokes based on their handicap. Subs are not guaranteed, please call the golf shop in advance if you know your team will need a sub. If two subs are required for your team, you will receive no points for the week.


$29.00 per night includes golf and cart. The weekly game of Team Low Net is included in the $300 League entry Fee. Skins & closest to the pin is $10.00 per team. There will be a year long Hole-In-One pot of is $20 per person that you can sign up for at any point.


The top 10 teams in each league (American, National, & Monday) will make the playoffs, plus two wildcard teams (32 teams total). The Monday/Wednesday combined playoff dates will begin on Wednesday, September 2nd, at 5:45 p.m. (barring any rain dates)


The men’s club will hold numerous 18-hole events with unique and fun formats, as well as a year long individual match play. The tournament schedule include individual, 2-man team, and 4-man team events.

Senior League Website

Our Senior League plays Monday & Thursdays throughout the year, with an 8:00 AM Shotgun Start.

You MUST be on site by 7:30 AM to sign in so they can draw for teams!!!

Play days are Monday’s and Thursday’s with a few exceptions due to events and tournaments at the golf course.

Seniors may join and participate in the league anytime throughout the season. The senior league is a come when you can format. There are no requirements for the amount of times that you play.

A $10.00 daily prize fund will be collected each time you play. An additional $2.00 for a closest to the pin and skins game is optional.

A Green fee including cart of $29.00 will be collected in the golf shop.

Spring tee-times start at 9:00 a.m. and summer tee-times begin at 8:00 a.m.

The format for the choose-up is a modified stableford scoring system. Teams will be 2, 3, or 4-man teams based on the number of players. Using a league handicap you receive: Eagle = 4 points, Birdie = 3 points, Par = 2 points, Bogey = 1, Pickup on double bogey.


League members will play from either the white tees or the gold tees (with noted exceptions) based upon the following criteria:

  • If you 75 years of age or older, you may play from any set of tees you choose, regardless of your point quota.
  • If your point quota is 8 or lower, you may play from the white tees, with the following exceptions. On hole #3, hit from the blue tees. On hole #18, hit from the gold tees. This also applies if you are over 75 YOA or older and play from the white tees.
  • If you are less than 75 years of age, and during the season your point quota rises above 8, you will switch to hitting from the gold tees as defined below.
  • If your point quota is above 8, you will play from the gold tees, with the following exceptions. On hole #3, which will be played as a par 5, hit from the black (back) tees. On hole #12, hit from the white tees. On hole #18, hit from the blue tees.

If during the course of the season, your point quota drops to 8 or less, you will switch to hitting from the white tees as defined above.

New players (those without an established point quota) will play their qualifying rounds from the gold tees. If the new player’s first round Stableford score is 8 or lower, this player may move to the white tees for the second qualifying round. The point quota will be established by averaging the scores of the two qualifying rounds.

For additional information or to sign-up you may call the golf shop at 317-669-8550.

Wood Wind Golf Club is committed to running organized, structured leagues and events. If you have any questions or would like would like to sign-up, please call the golf shop at 317-669-8550.

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